Website Sales Guide: Things you MUST do before running ads for traffic or sales.

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Your idea is now ready and you can’t wait to launch and get serious website sales to increase revenue. But wait, there are several other technical things you must do before marketing or advertisement that determines your website online success. Many website developers and business owners often ignore these things which makes their ads and marketing really ineffective. You should give attention to these three things if you really want to the best of your advertisement and marketing efforts.

One of the myth causing this is that, website developers, programmers often like to focus only on the project features, they just want to get things done and deliver straight to business owner and show that the features demanded are working.

Without having a product manager testing the software particularly if its market fit or SEO compliance. The entire project could suffer in terms of making adverts or marketing efforts effective.

So, what are the things that makes the online website ads ineffective.

So, what are those things you should consider before you start spending money on marketing or advertisement. We would discuss three major ones in this article.

1. Content

The first thing website visitors sees when they get on your website is highly important. This is called impressions. It determines and gives websites visitors whether to remain on the page or click the close button.

Website visitors somehow find their way to your website. And you want to ensure every second they spend on your website are not wasted and connect to what they are looking for or why they get on your website.

And if this does not happen, they click close button, and continue their search for solution on the next website. I believe you can relate. The reason is simple, they are not sure if the website is for them, if the website contents will solve their problem or deliver what it promises from the advert that landed them on the website. So its not just about having good captions for your ads on social media.

To optimize your content and increase website sales;

-Communicate the website features/solution in clear simple statements.

-Overhaul your content to match what your prospective users are looking for. This is called speaking users language.

-Give direct call to action that tells users what to do next and next.

2. Optimize website Speed.

Website load time is highly key. If the website takes more time to display important features visitors are looking for. It causes low impression. The common thing is they leave the website page to load while they continue something else on another browser tab.
They ends up closing the page and may never remember you website again.

There are many factors that determines website load speed. The most significant ones are listed below.


Compromising on the server means compromising your traffic and affects website sales.

Most of these shared hosting servers have limited resources particularly bandwidth, which means that resources available might not be able to handle or may limit your website sales goal. Some Content Management Systems like WordPress consume good CPU resources, where good number of website page files affects the speed of the entire server.

Ensure you use a good server with maximum resources and not just a cheap share hosting that promises 99.99% up-time. There are affordable VPS servers. If you are really serious about scaling up your business for growth. Consider to upgrade your website hosting server to at a business hosting or VPS.

– Content Delivery Networks
Another way is to use content delivery networks(CDN). CDN serves your website content from their fast servers closest to your visitors location and cache websites static contents. This increases the entire website speed. CDN has geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers. The goal is to distribute service spatially relative to end-users to provide high availability and high performance.

CDN like Cloudflare has a free plan that can help you increase website speed by almost 50%.


Website images are major determinant of website speeds and ranking.

Ensure all images are Optimized before uploading to your website.
Optimizing all images that goes on the web is highly important. It helps reduce the size in kb without loosing its quality. Tools like tinypng does a very good job.

3. On page SEO.

This is also major, things like title tag, title link, image name has a lot to do in determining website with good SEO Ranking. The following must be considered in ensuring good on page SEO for optimum website sales

– Title tag

Using title tags like h1 for your title and h2 for subtitles, helps search engine locate important headings on your content.

The closer the keyword is to the beginning of the title tag, the more weight it has with search engines.

-Your keyword should appear in the first 100 words

-Responsive designs

Google started penalizing mobile unfriendly sites in 2015, and they are likely to crack down even more in the future. Having a friendly mobile responsive website is a must and not negotiable in 2019.

Share your views and experiences in the comment.

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